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The good thing about road trips is that they are primed for the multi-media experience. An expert camerawoman I am not, but I did manage to record a few movie clips from behind the wheel without endangering myself and fellow drivers too much.

Filmed with my trusty Flip cam (which has since bitten the dust and the brand ceased production), these bits of film will hopefully add to your enjoyment of the vicarious experience of driving India's roads.

Also included in the video selection are a couple of trailers for the book. It's mixed media heaven in there, kids.

Because I love taking pictures. Because I took literally thousands of photographs over the course of this journey, and because, as boring a cliche as it is, India just is THE most photogenic country in the world.

And its people are the most willing to be photographed. Children would run after me in the street sometimes, howling for a photo; grown men would entreat me to take a shot and then pose very seriously as though I was chiseling their likeness in marble; the chicks would act shy and sometimes hide their faces behind their saris and dupattas, but I went ahead and snapped them anyway like the upstanding photographer that I am.

As any A-list celebrity will tell you, once the paps and the news hounds sniff you out, there's no throwing them off the scent.

Here's a selection of press clippings, both from the time of the journey where various magazines and websites ran features on The Nano Diaries trip, and from reviews and interviews after the release of The Nanologues.

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