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Terrific and terrifying in equal measure: a life-affirming, death-welcoming journey around the world's most dangerous roads in a wheeled toaster oven.

- Tim Moore, author

Vanessa Able is doggedly intrepid, deliciously acerbic, keenly inquisitive and quite possibly mental.

- Jaideep VG, Time Out India

Vanessa is a gem - her writing is as effervescent and refreshing as diving naked into a lake of champagne.

- Olly Smith, TV presenter and author

Travelling has never been this tough, has never been this enjoyable and entertaining... A hilarious book from an author that pulls no punches.

- Postnoon

Downright inspirational.

- Moneylife

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** Book release will be in October 2014

One girl's 10,000 km adventure around India in the world's cheapest car

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